Electronic Cigarettes

E Cigarettes Reviews

ecigaretteYou have probably heard of e-cigarettes but have no idea how it works and what it is, then you are at the right place. E-cigs also known as e-cigarettes are the new evolution or way to smoke. Unlike with traditional cigarettes that emit smoke and leave behind ugly batts, these electronic cigarettes emit vapor instead of smoke. The sensation of inhaling this vapor provides the same feeling the smoker will derive from smoking a normal cigarette. These are available in different designs and models some mimicking traditional cigarettes.

There are several benefits associated with the electronic cigarette. As people get cautious of their health, the number of those seeking to quit smoking has increased. Quitting may not as easy as it sounds especially if the person is already addicted to it. Electronic cigarettes have helped a lot of people quit smoking without experiencing the negative withdrawal symptoms many would have to experience. Smoking is also considered a vice in many societies and banned from public places.

With electronic cigarettes, you do not have to worry that others will have a negative opinion of you. This is because these do not emit any smoke and are neatly parked in sophisticated and classy packagings. It is impossible to mistake them for regular cigarettes. There is also the benefit of not harming your health. Reason being normal cigarettes produce tar and nicotine that are harmful to ones health. The effect that a person would derive from a pack of cigarettes can be derived from a single e-cig.

The advantage with the electronic cigarette as an innovation lies in what is inside the device. It consists of three parts which are the heating element also known as the atomizer, a cartridge filled with nicotine liquid and a rechargeable battery. It does not contain tobacco and neither does it require fire for it to work. These cigarettes are battery powered with their functioning controlled by micro processors. When a person inhales the water based vapor, the experience the same feeling they would have when they smoke a normal cigarette.

Now that we know how it works, the next step would be to know where to get them from and how much they cost. They are available in a number of online stores. They are also quite affordable when compared with normal and ordinary cigarettes. This will help you save up some money while taking care of our nicotine cravings.